Violin Duets – try playing along with either part once you have listened to both playing together.

If you wish to change the speed of your backing tracks then download Speedshifter and use the files here instead of the playlists below. The Mac version is installable but somewhat out of date. Best options are for Windows and iPhone/iPad.

Mozart Duo

An assortment of violin pieces with piano

Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes

The Young Violinist’s Repertoire Book 1 Playlist

3-part Round with an entry at each of the places marked *

Fiddle Time Runners – Grade 2 piano accompaniments

Küchler – Concertino for Violin and Piano

Chanson Triste – Tchaikovsky

Chanson Triste – Tchaikovsky

Here is an example of Blues violin!

Blues Violin Texas Blues Shuffle